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SocIoS will pave the way for building qualitative, functional and usable business applications exploiting the User Created Content and the Social Graph of users in Social Networks. By providing tools for cross-platform application development and deployment; support for SLAs and QoS; tools for UCC and social graph management; and most importantly, a usable framework to build services in and through Social Networks, SocIoS will provide incentives for the development of business applications.

Social Networks (SN) are the ideal future service marketplaces. SN users are increasing at a tremendous pace with Web 2.0 and SN Sites (SNS) having attracted more than 500 million regular users within just 5 years of existence. The number of the potential customers is huge, coming from almost every societal class, cultural background, and age. The requirements are: a computer, a browser, network access, and the natural need for socializing. Taking advantage of the social dynamics as well as the vast volumes of amateur content generated every second in a SN is a major step towards creating a potentially huge market of services. Providing developers with cross-platform tools that enable them to manage the dynamically generated content and complex social interactions by allowing them to build, deploy and potentially sell services that combine data and functionality from two or more different SN services disregarding the underlying SN implementation, will create an agile and profitable market of services and will bring the Internet of Services concept a step closer to realization.

SocIoS comes to cover the aspect of service application composition, provision and consumption using SN environments as containers of social graphs and UCC while at the same time supporting the business nature of service provision. Practically, SocIoS will achieve these by implementing:

  • A SOA infrastructure that will act as a virtualization layer on top of social networking containers
  • A toolset for supporting the business extensions of the developed applications; mainly through SLA support
  • An API that will grant end users with single point access to the underlying functionality, including a set of core wrapper services
  • A user interface that will simplify the use of the SocIoS API for easier application development and deployment by the home user
  • A toolset for third-party services support so they can “blend” with the services developed and deployed using SocIoS, for more effectively delivering applications that exploit the UCC and social graph.


SocIos in WWW2012 Conference - 20 April 2012

SocIoS participated in WWW2012 Conference in Lyon, France with posters and presentations.

Collaboration Working Group - 30 September 2011
SocIoS project participated in the Collaboration Working Group held in Brussels at 28th of September 
European Digital Agenda - 29 September 2011

SocIoS project participated with two videos to the European Digital Agenda event.

Digital Agenda is a collaborative effort of citizens, companies, NGOs, and governments. It took place in Brussels on 16th and 17th of June 2011.


Collaboration Working Group - 29 September 2011

SocIoS project participated in the Collaboration Working Group held in Brussels at 28th of September

3rd plenary/preparatory meeting - 29 June 2011

The 3rd plenary/preparatory SocIoS meeting will be held in Haifa on 21st – 22nd of September

1st annual review meeting - 29 June 2011

The 1st  SocioS annual  review meeting will be held in Brussels on  3rd of October

SocIoS TV commercial videos - 17 June 2011

SocIoS TV commercial videos are uploaded at the following link,

1st interim review meeting - 05 February 2011

The 1st SocIoS review meeting was held in Brussels on Tuesday 12th of April. The ultimate goal of the meeting was the evaluation of project’s progress from EC experts. The reviewers accepted SocIoS “performance” so far. However, they recommended a number of crucial actions that need to take place at this early stage in order to maximise the potential impact and minimise the risks


It is beyond any doubt that SocIoS consortium will tackle reviewer’s suggestions and proceed accordingly.

2nd Plenary - 1st Technical Meeting - 18 January 2011

This SocIoS Meeting took place in Athens, 18-19 January 2011. It was again hosted by the NTUA partner.
It can be characterized as the most crucial one so far, as its outcome was the clarification and consolidation of the platforms' architecture.

The main components (SNS) of the system were defined and an action plan for the deployment of the first prototype was decided.

1st Plenary Meeting - 24 November 2010

The 1st Plenary Meeting took place in Haifa, 24-25 November 2010.

It was hosted by IBM and University of Haifa. It was a good opportunity for all the members of the consortium to introduce their initial steps and thoughts towards project's objectives and vision.

Kick-Off Meeting - 13 September 2010

The SocIoS Kick-off Meeting took place in Athens, 13-14 September 2010, hosted by the project coordinator, NTUA.

During the meeting, the members of the consortium introduced themselves. Furthermore, the Management structure and procedures were established and the Workpackage Leaders presented their vision for the SocIoS 

project. It was a good start...