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Dissemination Activities


SocIoS presentation in conferences, events and workshops

Date of activity  Partner responsible  Type of activity  Summary of the activity  Type of Audience   Place of activity / countries addressed 
March 15th 2011  Deutsche Welle, Birgit Gray Best Practice Day, Workshop presentation Presentation about the project's background, aims and ambitions for DW staff in a DW-wide one-day event (focus on "research and newsgathering in social networks", why this is now more and more important, which tools journalists can use today and which kinds of applications are being developed in SocIos) DW staff across all Directorates and output languages (30) and channels (online, TV, radio)  Deutsche Welle / DW staff 
April 2011  University of Haifa, D. Raban G. Richter Annual Conference for Information Studies The presentation title: On the Connection between Trivia Games and Business Glossaries Research & practitioners--Bar-Ilan University, Israel
May 17th 2011 University of Haifa, Daphne Raban Info2011, Conference presentation Presentation of the project in a one-day session devoted to business applications of social networks. Presentation Title: Mixing Water and Oil: Business in Social Networks Research & practitioners Tel-Aviv, Israel / Israel
May 18th 2011 University of Haifa, Dorit Geifman Future Internet Assembly Conference presentation The presentation title: Business Models for UGC in the Context of Social Networks Participants in EU research projects, specific area of interest – future of the Internet (~60) Budapest, Hungary / Countries that participate in FP research
June 21st 2011 University of Haifa, D. Raban G. Richter Fifth ILAIS Conference The presentation title: Harnessing the Power of Games to Enhance Organizational Knowledge Sharing Research & practitioners Open University, Israel
August 15th 2011 University of Haifa, Daphne Raban Dorit Geifman University of Haifa Doctoral Consortium The paper title: A Theory Based Information Pricing System Doctoral consortium Haifa, graduate students
 September 3-5 2011 University of Haifa, Daphne Raban, Dorit Geifman MCIS2011, Conference presentation The paper title: A Theory Based Information Pricing System Scientific conference Cyprus / All researchers engaged in information systems
September 27-29 2011 Deutsche Welle, Birgit Gray, Jochen Spangenberg Networked Electronic Media 2011 Summit, Paper submitted The paper title: Applications and Services for the Media Sector to Leverage Content in Social Networks Scientific conference / networking event Torino, Italy / All stakeholders engaged in implementing future media internet
November 12th 2011 National Technical University of Athens- NTUA, Anastasios Doulamis ARTEMIS 2011 workshop in 2nd IEEE Workshop on Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams (Section 7.1) Workshop organization Scientific Workshop Barcelona, Spain
November 28th – December 1st , 2011 National Technical University of Athens- NTUA, Konstantinos Tserpes  The Third ACM SIGMM Workshop on Social Media (WSM2011) in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2011 (Section 7.2) Workshop organization Scientific Workshop Scottsdale, Arizona, USA