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ICWSM 2012 Workshop

Workshop description: The news media industry has recognized that there is an undeniable shift in the way content is produced, consumed and distributed, including the sharing thereof. Nowadays, there arenumerous cases in which "established" news agencies and news outlets are not the first point of call for users because everybody equipped with e.g. a smartphone can capture and publish events as they unfold on a platform of their choice (e.g. on YouTube, in Facebook, via Twitter etc). For this reason, news media organizations are increasingly depending on content from and information residing in Social Networks. However, news organizations are facing one crucial question when it comes to using content from the social web: "Can I trust this source? Is the source reliable? ". The aim of this workshop is to encourage participants to discuss, share and exchange ideas and results on social media research, technologies, and applications in two essential areas: newsgathering in the social web and filtering / analyzing the available data (e.g. by relevance, reliability, accuracy etc).

Nowadays, user generated content and content available in Social Networks is an important source for news media companies and organizations such as DEUTSCHE WELLE. Due to the fact that the amount of user generated content is growing constantly, news organizations have to tackle many technical and social challenges in this area to gather and filter the available data. In the workshop, we plan to discuss existing approaches and ways in which some of the prevailing challenges are encountered when developing new methodologies. This includes, but is not limited to, aspects such as data mining across various social networks, information extraction from large scale unstructured data, reliability analysis and intelligent information visualization. Another aim of the workshop is to investigate how specific methods, analyses and technical algorithms can be developed and used to solve some of the challenges outlined above.

Call for papers: We are accepting proposals addressing some of the serious research challenges we face in developing new methodologies, including data mining and information extraction from large-scale unstructured social data, aggregation of information from heterogeneous sources, reliability analysis, psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of the merging of user-generated content with content produced by media / news organizations  and intelligent information visualization.


CFP Deadline: 02 March 2012
Notification of acceptance: 16 March 2012
Authors submit camera-ready copy: 02 April 2012
Day of workshop: 04 June 2012

Submissions: We expect a large number of submissions. We’ll request full (6 pages) and short paper submissions. Accepted papers will be given a brief booster presentation slot to present the major point of the idea for the attendees. We will use the ACM SIG Proceedings templates for the papers. For submission please use the Easychair page

Contact: If you have any question please contact Cosmin Cabulea >> cosmin.cabulea(at)