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Basic Impact Contribution

A major contribution to the Future Internet in terms of service development, management and interoperability in an environment of converged IT, telecom and media platforms

SocIoS is fully aligned with the Future Internet concept as it allows for “application development of social and economic significance”. As stated by Viviane Reding in “Future Internet R&D is driven in particular by the emergence of SNs (web 2.0), ...and by novel and massively available forms of content”. All these issues are addressed in SocIoS. SocIoS strives to enable the service development and deployment with a business orientation in social spaces taking advantage of the dynamics and technical framework that inhabits there. The SN user can instantly become an application developer or even a service provider in various worlds (service interoperability) and thus fully control the service lifecycle.

Deep technological advances in software/service engineering

Even though SocIoS will not affect the service engineering processes from end-to-end, it will however seek to streamline the service front-end technologies, by delivering an API that will combine usability, context adaptability and efficiency.

New software technologies for improving scalability and predictability of distributed systems, improving responsiveness and throughput

SocIoS plans to spend considerable effort into creating a scalable framework mainly supported by the API. It is expected that the development of appropriate technologies will allow us to create an ontology and adaptive object model that will allow the (semi-) automatic inclusion of new SN APIs for support

A more competitive environment including infrastructure operators moved up the value chain with innovative service offerings on scalable infrastructure

SNs are a place that meets tremendous growth and presents huge market opportunities. SocIoS will give incentives to infrastructure providers to lease their infrastructure to the SocIoS SOA infrastructure owner (TTP solution) for hosting the developed SocIoS services.

Lowered barriers for service providers, in particular SMEs, to develop services through standardised open (source) platforms and interfaces

SocIoS is planned to be an open source project. It will evolve as such and will be supported after the end of the project by the consortium and –ideally– by a whole community of people with genuine interest to be involved. Such a perspective presents a major opportunity for enterprises that do not possess vast resources to get involved by exploiting such a product at no cost. The ways SMEs can exploit SocIoS range from developing an application of business nature, to becoming a service provider and even a customer. The pilots that SocIoS studies provide a proof of concept for these options.

Massive uptake of high-added value services through innovative service front ends

SocIoS is going to radicalise this area by providing service front ends for exploiting the existing SN services for which there are clear indications that there is a great number of potential customers. Furthermore, SocIoS also considers the social aspect of these services, improving people’s communication, creative idea sharing and fruitful collaboration in an even larger target group than the one that each SN alone can accumulate.

Higher user empowerment

SocIoS is a project targeting to the involvement of the user to practically all the levels of the supply chain in service provisioning. For each one of these roles it is strengthening the users’ position and provides tools for motivating them to get involved.

More advanced and dynamic online communities through platforms enabling "third party generated services"

The SocIoS API is a platform that allows end-user functionality to be injected or incorporated into the platform, being integrated even with the UI of the platform (see also Section B1.2.1.2). Applications or parts of the application workflow can live in a different SN platform from the one on which they are eventually executed, aggregating and expanding the set of available services and establishing the potential for creating a huge online, service market.

A strengthened industry in Europe for software, software services and Web services, offering a greater number of more reliable and affordable services, enabled by flexible and resilient platforms for software/service engineering, design, development, management and interoperability. Technologies tailored to meet key societal and economical needs

As stated in the corresponding Study by the European Union, Europe depicts a larger than the competition dynamics in SN. Europeans are more active contributors in creating content and social graphs in the related spaces, and the exploitation of these assets can generate new services and growth. SocIoS is attempting to directly influence the latter by providing the means to these contributors to become more active in this web services provision environment and exploit their activity by generating revenue for themselves.